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This is not an SFF or Spec Fic book, but I love the series in general, so I’ve chosen the first book in the series to do for 1975.

While this is the first in the series, it wasn’t the first I read. That was Seeing a Large Cat, which is the ninth book in the series. I picked it up from the bargain / remainder table at the now-defunct Borders bookstore in the late 90’s (I think, it may have been mid-2000’s - I had 2 different periods of working near that particular shopping centre, so not 100% sure of date).

When I realised it was a mid-series book, I went backwards & mostly read them in order from there.

The premise of the series is that Amelia Peabody, her husband Radcliffe Emerson (the pre-eminent Egyptologist of this and any future generations :beaming: ), and eventually her son Walter(known as Ramses), and adopted daughter Nefret, solve mysteries & other crimes while excavating pyramids & other sites in Egypt & Middle East.
The series starts in 1884, and the final book is set in 1922-1923 season.

Why I Like it
I enjoy mystery stories (mostly what is classified as Cosy nowadays), and Egypt is always interested me since I was young & reading about pyramids & mummies for history class at school.
And this also has something I enjoy in historicals - introducing real historical characters alongside the fictional ones. As the author was an Egyptologist (real name Barbara Metz), the excavation stuff was based on her experiences at the digs.

I prefer the books in the later part of the series, Ramses (as an adult) & Nefret being my favourite characters, so they are featured more later of course.
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Thank you for a good memory, @lejays17 they were a series with unusual mysteries and many excellent characters. I enjoyed them all and find I still have the first few on audible. Good to see another Peabody admirer here, the books were all fairly long and good reading value, with bright Egyptian themed covers. Always enjoyed the warm relationship between Amelia and her husband Emerson, and also how the family grew up and had their own adventures. :happy: