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The Perilous Gard is yet another book that I read much later than the original publication date.

The basic premise is a version of the Tam Lin legend, set just before Elizabeth I came to the throne.
I’m not sure if this or fire and hemlock (Diana Wynne Jones) was my first experience with the tale, as I read them at about the same age.

I do know that I bought it on one of our long summer trips - we had stopped in one of the larger towns & it was in the remainder section at the shopping centre supermarket (I also got Power of Three & The Seventh Swan at the same time).

I liked the idea of the older, less accomplished sister being the heroine, and also that she was able to rescue the love interest (who also rescued her right back - equal opportunity distress :happy: ).
My English history interest starts sputtering out at the end of the Tudor / start of the Stuart period, but a lot of my favourite historical children’s books are from this period (where they aren’t Roman Britain anyway).

Various versions of Tam Lin are probably my favourite folk tales - I was always going to like Tiffany Aching’s stories, but working out that The Wee FreeMen had a version of it was extra fun.
But my overall favourite version is Tam Lin by Pamela Dean - which will be discussed further when I get to that year.
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