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By SKInkslinger
So I finally got around to buying and playing Baldur's Gate 3 and it's amazing! (although my pc can barely handle it lmao). It's very fun DnD style game with tons of dialogues and choices for you to make that'll affect the story as a whole. I'm choosing to play a good-ish paladin this time, maybe I'll go evil on the rerun lmao.
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By Magnus
I am definitely going to get this sooner or later. Larian studios has made some amazing games and I have heard nothing but praise for this. And I played the first two games a lot when I was young. I recently bought a new gaming laptop so I am trying to catch up on all the games I've been missing out on, which I have found I really haven't got the time for. But when this goes on sale (or when I'm feeling flush with cash after a paycheck), I'll definitely buy it.