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By SKInkslinger
Hello so I quite enjoyed the first book of the Black Company, so I've been thinking of buying the rest of the series (yeah my typical action of buying an entire series before being sure lmao), but I heard that the story is quite conclusive in book 3 too. What do you guys think about the Black Company books from book 4 onwards to the latest book 9? :hmm:
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By Hedin
The first three books are a distinct trilogy and are definitely the best books of the whole series. The others are not as strong in my opinion but I still mostly enjoyed them, they are a bit different than the first three.

I would say if you liked the first book you can safely buy books 2 & 3. I would borrow the next book or two just in case before buying.
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By Lanko
@SKInkslinger I had replied here a couple days ago when the forum had a problem and had to be rolled back...

But if I remember right: the first three can be considered a complete cycle. But I doubt the vast majority will stop there, when you get to how book 3 ends and knowing there are ~9 more books... specially when certain characters will be around.

The first book is also very different in style from the other two of the trilogy and of course, the rest. It's written in a very different style, which you probably noticed. The rest of the books will feel much more like a "normal" novel in style.

From book 4, you'll be in a new setting, with new characters, with some old and new threats around.

Considering it's military fantasy, I'd say in terms of strategy, logistics, sieges and etc, this aspect of the series is much better in books 4+ than in the first three.
However, narratively wise it has more ups and downs too. At some point it will even feel the series has it's own Feast of Crows, as in, parallel stories that needed to be split.
Due to... circumstances, the annalist will also change at some point, and even to this day it's a divisive topic in the fandom.

I'd say the ending was very worth it, and even had I not liked it, I know there's no way I would be able to not read the rest of the series after book 3 ended, even if they had turned out bad.