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By Magnus
Anyone can start read-alongs for F&B members here! You can do a single book of your choice, or ask for suggestions on a theme, or you can start your own club with a theme and direction for multiple read-alongs.

If you want to start a club, let me know and I'll create a prefix tag for it, like for To the Stars, our SF-oriented club. Once you have a club, make sure to tag all your topics with the club name so they are easy to find for members. Tags work like a filter, so when you click them you get a listing of all topics with that tag.

To find like-minded readers, just post a topic describing what you are after!

Once you get started, I would suggest using separate topics for different stages of the book, ending at a specific chapter. Around a quarter per topic for a normal-length novel seems to be the sweet spot in my experience. This has the advantage that you don't have to be bound to a specific reading pace, but people can join in the discussion at their own pace.

I would also suggest starting each read-along topic with the name of the book. So something like: The Stone Sky - Chapters 1-4. Together with the tag system, this will make it easy for club members to follow the read-along.

Good luck and happy reading!
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