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I know there's only a few folks on here now, but I figured I might as well kick the wheels on the book-posting van and see how well posting hyperlinks and images works.

Aethon Books recently published by snarky isekai fantasy, Rise of a Manor Lord, and the launch has been fantastic. We hit #1 in several categories and broke the < 1000 (lower is better) ranking on Amazon KU, which is by far my best launch ever. I'm excited it's done so well and have two more books in the trilogy coming later this year.

After accidentally becoming Lord of Gloomwood Manor, countless enemies seek to kill Drake and take his title.

All he wanted was some beer and a pack of donuts. Instead, Drake got abducted, tossed into a fantasy world, and almost ritually executed by a pro-wrestler monk with performance issues.

After stabbing his rather idiotic kidnapper to death, he magically inherits the old fart’s massive mansion, servants, mountains of gold, and deadly magic powers... which would be great if it also didn’t paint a giant target on his back.

Now that he’s the Lord of Gloomwood Manor, enemies across the world want to claim Drake's life and title. Before that happens, he must learn to use his powerful magic, win his people’s loyalty, and fake being powerful until he actually becomes so powerful no one dares challenge him.

The first volume of a humorous, adventure-packed Progression Fantasy featuring cat girls, battle maids, political machinations, and a habit of setting the worst Isekai tropes on fire and tossing them in the garbage.