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By Magnus
Hey! I will use this thread to keep you up to date on what is going on with the technical aspects of the forums. It will include changelogs and various other site-related info.

Today I will be working a bit with polishing the theme and making a few other minor changes. Since I am still working on the live site, I have to turn off some caching functions so that I can see the changes in real-time. That means the site may load a bit slower during the day, and you may see some glitches as I experiment.

Before I start making any serious changes I will set up a staging site that I can experiment on, but since that's also a bit of a hassle it will have to wait for now.

(To keep this topic free of clutter, it is locked. If you have thoughts, please voice them in this topic or in a separate topic in the Questions & Suggestions forum!)
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By Magnus
Finished tinkering for now!


  • Changed the colour of the 'x member liked this' in posts so they aren't quite as eyecatching.
  • Changed the colour and style of prefix tags to suit the minimalist theme better.
  • Changed the font from Roboto to Roboto Flex and made the font weight 300 for regular text (down from 400) and 500 for bold (down from 600) to increase readability.
  • Changed the font size in posts to 16px (up from 14 px) to increase readability.
  • Fixed colours on "go to latest post" button on mobile theme, which was still light theme.
  • Tweaked the appearance of the [c] & [code] BBcodes so they use the same font style.
  • Increased the default size of the quick reply text box.
  • Changed the word-break in posts so that words don't get cut up and hyph-
  • Changed the border colour of avatars in the pop-out "who liked this" window to match the other such borders.
  • Fixed an unexpected problem with the [spoiler] BBcode.

To see the changes, you may need to clear your cache (CTRL-F5 on most browsers.)


I think posts are much better-looking now, though the size change has made a few other things look weird. But please let me know what you think about how these changes affects the posts. I can fix the look of other things if people prefer this in general.

I also tinkered with adding "Total likes received" to the header of posts but I made very little progress.

As for the font weight, I am trying to learn how to use the variable font weight of Roboto Flex, but haven't quite figured that out yet, either. That would mean I could pick a weight somewhere between 300 and 400, which is probably where the sweet spot is. More on that later!
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By Magnus
Here is a list of changes and additions that I've done since the last post. Nothing major yet.


  • Fixed a permission error that blocked regular members from using BBcodes, smileys, and images in the Announcement forum.
  • Added a BBcode that lets moderators insert visually distinct messages into other people’s posts for moderation purposes.
      It looks like this. 
  • Added a highlight to the active page in the pagination bar. Made the 'Page 1 of 8' highlight on hover so it's clearer that it's clickable (it lets you select a page)*.
  • Fixed the popover for page selection which still had the light theme.
  • Changed the size and colour of the ‘view first unread post’ asterisk to make it more prominent.
  • Fixed a small issue with a wrong colour border on the spoiler window in the preview window.
  • Changed the font size in the preview window to match that of posts.
  • Changed the font size in signatures to 14 pixels (up from 12 pixels). It’s still smaller than the post font.
  • Configured some settings for the sitemap and Google indexing to make the site more discoverable.
  • Added profile fields for Twitter and Facebook. Removed one of the website links for now. I hope to add Bluesky support later.
  • Wrote a handbook for our moderators.

To see visual changes, you may need to clear your browser cache (CTRL-F5 on most browsers.)

You can comment on these changes here.


I'm currently working on setting up a staging site so I can test some new extensions and other bigger changes without potentially breaking the live site. After that, I'll start working on a light theme (and the ability to switch between dark and light) and some other bigger changes.

*There's still an issue with the last page in the pagination not highlighting properly. I will fix it on my next pass.