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By ScarletBea
I could have sent a PM, but this way other people can know about this book...
@Peat , I just found out that Simon Jimenez's The spear that cuts through water is out in the UK mid March.
I remember your review in your blog, but do you think I'd like it?
By Peat
I don't think I have enough of a handle on your tastes to be sure tbh. It's a bit of a marmite book and hard to compare stuff to. I am fairly sure it's right up @cupiscent's alley if that helps, and I am indeed once again urging cupi to ignore the list and promote it to a priority read.

But you like the Jemisin that does the 2nd person PoV right? So that's obstacle to liking it out of the way. You've also got to accept it's a slow start, that the prose can get a little obtuse, and that you might get frustrated with the worldbuilding being a bit drip drip and not enough in some areas...

... but other than that, I think you'd like it. I mean, I loved it despite it doing several things I loathe, so I generally take the point of view that if people don't absolutely despise its weak points they should try it.
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By ScarletBea
I've just read Fantasy Hive's review and they included a few quotes - I'm not sure I'd like that writing, to be honest...
Maybe it's a case for trying it from the library, if it's there
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By DragonFlame
V E Schwab has recently added a new book to the Shades of Magic series, The Fragile Threads of Power.
I enjoyed the story of the three Londons, and re-reading a couple of years ago was still a pleasure. I am not sure how it will feel returning after so long. Has anyone here read this latest book and could comment?