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By Magnus
I've changed a few other settings that may have been the cause, so let me know if it keeps happening.
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By lejays17
Hi Magnus

It logged me out again today - I made sure I had ticked the “remember me” box yesterday so it shouldn’t have done that.

I also haven’t cleared cookies or cache overnight to affect it.
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By ScarletBea
Same here.
Again, very strange, because it's only on my personal laptop. Phone and work laptop are fine...
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By cupiscent
Conversely, I realised since my last post that I haven't had to log in again recently. (Though a little while back I was having very weird shenanigans with cookies of all sorts. There were two websites I couldn't log into at all, and twitter wouldn't let me even see the login page. But then all those problems cleared up. This may have been related to a cookie clear-out for another reason? It may have just been some kink in things that came unkinked? I no longer trust any piece of software not to be buggy as hell, honestly. Excuse me while I go yell at kids to get off my lawn...)
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By DragonFlame
No problems for me today, either on phone, which had been persistent, or tablet .

I did my last long post on Word though, because it took days😁. ScarletBea I played with 'draft' will see what happens later.
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By Magnus
Hmm, happened to me now, I got on the site and I wasn't logged in. But as soon as I clicked 'Log in' I was back in. Weird. Maybe I will have time during my vacation to take a day or two to work on the site. There are a number of things I want to fix, and many of them shouldn't be too difficult (he said, foolishly).
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