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By Magnus


  • The last page in the pagination bar still doesn't highlight properly.
  • Images within spoilers load very slowly for some reason.
  • You may come across links to a built-in BBCode guide and FAQ page, both with default content that isn't customised for the F&B forums.
  • The 'Other' field in the member list is a bit messy, mixing up location and quote. I will see what I can do, but it's not a priority.
  • The website link icon on the main profile is wonky (but works on the mini profile).
  • The Top 10 Liked list still has the light theme.
  • Some elements on the timelines on the profile and in the UCP are still light theme


  • A light theme, though it may take some time to implement the ability to switch between the two
  • The ability to resize embedded images using BBcode
  • Forum awards for things like number of posts and other achievements
  • Total likes received displayed in the post profile & mini profile
  • Changing the colours of the smileys to match the theme better
  • Other theme optimisations to eliminate highly saturated and bright colours that contrast too much with the dark colours, causing eye strain
  • A separate FAQ and BBcode guide using the built-in FAQ page format.
  • A more in-depth explanation of the F&B rules and our core values.


  • Changing some of the label colours so they contrast less (the in-post 'liked' label and the topic prefixes)
  • Pagination on threads doesn't display the active page.
  • A weird light blue line that shouldn't be there a the bottom of the header of the spoiler window (possibly only in the preview window).

For a complete list of changes, refer to this thread. This only has stuff that has been struck off the above lists.
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