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By Peat
Thanks for tagging me Bea, fascinating to see where this one has gone.
ScarletBea wrote: May 7th, 2024, 07:12 One example was a person diagnosed with depression due to all their symptoms when they went to the doctor and given medication, but they were feeling like that because of job and financial issues: will the medication really help, or wouldn't it be better to help them with work, benefits or other social solutions?
I actually have a family member who had to check themselves into hospital as a hard reset for their mental health issues; I don't know what the actual diagnosis was, but it was bad, and the trigger was job issues. It always has been.

Then the doctors diagnosed medication and - boom. Life changing, at least so far. Back at the same job that was causing all the troubles before. Sometimes it really is as simple as it's a situation that can be lived with with the right brain chemistry and you've just got to adjust the chemicals.

And sometimes not. I am doing hugely, hugely better in my mind for a shift in mentality I had earlier this year. It's been lasting.

All I can say is at this stage, just not enough is known about mental health. There's still shifts happening, we're still looking for the right solution. One of my family members has been diagnosed with autism, has been trained to work with autistic kids... and believes calling it autism is the wrong thing to do. Still uses the term because that's what cuts through but thinks it isn't describing the reality. Maybe twenty years down the line that viewpoint will be common and things will change. Maybe not.

The only thing I feel happy saying is

a) Most of the solutions we use are used because they've proven to have some use
b) None of them are universal
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