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By Magnus


Good day! I thought I'd start a tradition of writing up a short newsletter at irregular intervals, talking about what has been going on here at F&B and what is coming next. I will aim at publishing it 3-4 times per year.


First, the newsletter needs a better name! Give me your suggestions and we will pick a winner! The prize is fame and glory*. Oh, and if and when I implement the award system, maybe there's a badge in it for you as well?

The suggestions can be serious, silly, or somewhere in between. If you can allude to both fantasy and SF, that's a big plus! You can post your suggestions in a reply to this topic, or PM them to me if you would prefer them to remain private. Anyone can participate (yes, even yours truly). The winner will be revealed in our next edition!

*Such as it is generated by naming the F&B Newsletter.


We have 44 members who have made 1275 posts in total! We've brought many familiar threads from the old Fantasy Faction forums back to life, and we're seeing daily activity in a variety of discussions. I often log on and realise there is enough going on that I can't quite keep up with it all! While I wish I had the time to dig into every topic, it makes me happy to see people chatting away! :love:


We started our first read-along of This Is How We Lose The Time War in The Book Club, and it yielded an interesting discussion about how differently people can read the same book, particularly when said book is a bit experimental in its structure. You can always join in late and add your thoughts to the topics, as there is no time limit!

If anyone is interested in starting a fantasy-themed book club, that would be very welcome! I'll be looking at organising the Book Club forum a bit better so it will be easier to navigate as it grows.


Here is a selection of interesting topics since our inception. (There are many more, of course. It's so hard to chose just a few!)

Hating characters, a discussion on characters who make your skin crawl.

Adventures in writing is where you can hear from our members who write their own stories and how they are faring!

Some of our members have been looking back at their life of reading one book and/or year at the time, and I've added a tag to track these posts. You can find them under A Lifetime of Books!


What are you currently reading? is a never-ending list of what F&B members are reading, good for trawling for recommendations and opinions!

Grouchy Reader Looking to Reconnect with Fantasy
is a great source of fantasy recommendations!

If you are curious about SF instead, check out My Favorite SFF Series/Book.


My to-do list for the forums is the size of a dragon and roughly as scary. :grimacing: After I managed to get this place up and running, I was quite burned out on web development, so to preserve my mental health I have done very little work on it for the past few months. I will get back to it when I feel that I have the energy to take it on. Don't worry; I have learned not to put myself under too much pressure, but I also know that one day I will wake up and go "it's time to work on F&B!" with a smile on my face. I'll refrain from making any promises as my life is busier than ever (in a good way), and while I am passionate about getting this place into better shape, I am also passionate about several other things (as is my wont). So I skip back and forth between projects. Sooner or later I will land in F&B again. :)


I would like you bring your attention to the Community Values topic I posted a while back, which details our philosophy on building this community. You are always welcome to bring suggestions and ideas to us on how we might improve this place!

Finally, we want to extend a big, heartfelt THANK YOU to all our lovely members for making this place what it is! :hug:
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