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By Magnus
We've set a date for our full public launch: Sunday, March 3rd!

While the page is already available for anyone who knows the adress (or who happens to search for it), we haven't posted it anywhere public so that we have some time to test it out and fix the most glaring errors.

Once more, we ask you kindly to refrain from posting about F&B publicly until we are fully launched. Thank you.

However, we are happy to hear any thoughts on how we can shake the trees and make some noise on the big day (and the weeks that follow)! We have some plans of our own, but maybe you have some tricks up your sleeve, or perhaps you're a member of a community that might be interested, or you know someone who can help. Let's hear your ideas!
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By ScarletBea
We've launched, huzzah, wahey, and all those exclamation feelings :beaming:

I've just posted a few things in Twitter (yes, that one), Magnus will do it later on Bluesky.
We'll have a good surprise coming tomorrow.
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