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By ScarletBea
Quote a whole post
To quote someone's post in one step, click the double bubble speech symbol on the far right of the buttons box.

Include a quote inside your post
If halfway through a normal post you want to quote someone else, then click on the little bubble speech symbol of the post you want to quote (that's the first one, next to the @, it appears when you hover over the post).
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By Magnus
You can also quote a selection you've made in a post by clicking the speech bubble (not sure if it works with the menu you get in mobile mode, but I'll check that later).

(This was edited because I thought you had to have the quick reply window open, but you don't. It works either way.)
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By Magnus
Edited my post.

One of the more pressing projects is to put a bunch of information in tips about how to use the forums in an FAQ page of its own so that it doesn't clutter up this forum.