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By Christopher C Fuchs
Newton and the Counterfeiter by Thomas Levenson was a fantastic book that puts you firmly in 17th century England while revealing a whole career of Newton’s that will surprise you.

Far from the studious and isolated mathematician that most people think of when they consider Newton’s life, this book shows him as a determined lawman who applied his peerless ingenuity and tireless work ethic to counterfeiters, their tangled networks, and their methods of copying the realm’s coins.

A well-written history that at times reads like a fast-paced mystery novel. The achievement of this book is providing a more complete view of the richness of Newton’s incredible life.

From a writer’s perspective, I got loads of ideas from this book on alchemy, early modern technology, materials, occupations, and more. Highly recommend!
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Some fave quotes/concepts from the book:

-- Newton’s “cat grew fat on the meals he forgot to eat” (p9)

-- Newton was “In the grip of nostalgia and old age” (p15)

-- London overflowed with “ever-renewing crowds of scrabbling poor.” (p51)

-- Someone that was convincing was said to use “tongue-pudding”. (p59)

-- “the perfect accomplice, broke and able”. (p167)

-- Newton eventually developed a suspicion that God did not exist. Newton’s reasons for pursuing alchemy included attempting to understand the nature of God (p80-81, 84-85). Over time, he “felt the chill of an increasingly Godless nature” (p81). “To paraphrase Albert Einstein, Newton wanted to know what choices God made when He created the world” (p91).
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