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By Arun-Bender
After we go live, I plan to make some social media posts to attract some GameLit and LitRPG fans here.

There are a very active community and it would drive a lot of traffic...if we get them in here.

But the overlap between the genre and regular SFF is not much ,so having them in same section would be a bit of a bad mashup.

How practical is it to have a separate section under SFF? Not sure how difficult it is to make these changes....
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By Magnus
One of the things I've learned from being a community manager for over 25 years is not to pre-emptively create categories. It's something you do when a forum gets too cluttered with posts, at which point you find a good way to split it up into subforums.

Also, Fantasy & Beyond was founded as an SFF book forum. That's the main crowd we intend to cater to because that's what we, the founders, are interested in participating in—and therefore are willing to spend time and energy administering and moderating. We are volunteers who do this based on our own interest. This is not a social media site but a small, independently run forum. So the goal isn't necessarily to attract the maximum number of people; more people means more admin/mod work, and eventually it also leads to more expensive running costs. So first and foremost, we wish to attract people who share our interests.

The available categories are designed with those things in mind. GameLit and LitRPG fans are of course welcome to join, but they should be aware that this is not primarily a forum for those interests. However, I'm happy to create a relevant tag or tags for the SFF in Other Media forum, and we can take it from there.
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By Magnus
Arun-Bender wrote:Appreciate that and all your efforts, Magnus!

Fair enough to wait and see. However if that's not our target audience, I'd rather not get them in here in first place.
And we appreciate that you want to help us out by spreading the word! I think once we launch on March 3rd, it would be great if you posted about us, but if your followers are mainly GameLite/LitRPG, it may be fair to mention that our main focus is SFF books. And I am sure there's a fair bit of overlap between our communities! But I agree that it doesn't make sense to invite people solely to discuss GameLit/LitRPG, since that's not our focus.
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