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By Magnus


This guide will help you make the best use of the smilies here at Fantasy & Beyond. We get most of our smilies from OpenMoji. We don't have all of them, but if you feel there's a smiley (or shortcode) missing, please let us know!

Smileys are activated with shortcodes, e.g. :) will be automatically parsed into :) once you click the submit button. You can add the shortcodes by hand, or you can click the smiley you want and the shortcode will be added. Some smileys have multiple shortcodes.

Not all smileys show in the Quick Reply editor. To see all of them, check the list below or go to the full editor by clicking +Reply or Full Editor & Preview (once you've started writing), then click the + above the smiley list and scroll to the end.


It's also possible to add universal smileys that will display in most apps by copying them from a place like Emojipedia or using your phone's smileys. Like this: 😁

Just be aware that they may look very different depending on the device, operating system, or browser used. Or they may not display at all for some users!


Below is a list of all Fantasy & Beyond smileys and their various shortcodes as of 2024-01-07. Smilies marked with an asterisk (*) are not part of the standard selection displayed for posting. But you can always use the shortcode!

:) :) :smile:
:happy: :happy:
:happytears: :happytears: :relief:
:D :D :grin: :grinning:
:beaming: :beaming:
:smilegrin:* :smilegrin:
:phew: :phew: :nervous:
:amused: :amused: :giggle:
:laugh:* :laugh:
:lol: :lol:
:rofl:* :rofl:
:upsidedown:* :upsidedown:
:party: :party: :celebrate:
*.* *.* :starstruck
:angel:* :angel:
8) 8) :cool :sunglasses:
o7 o7 :salute:
;) ;) :wink: :winking:
:squee:* :squee:
:wacky: :wacky
:P :P :p :tongue:
:grimacing: :grimacing:
:S* :S :woozy:
:zany: :zany: :weird:
:smirk: :smirk:
:hush: :hush: :quiet:
:kiss:* :kiss: :kissface:
:* :* :blowkiss:
:loveit: :loveit: :hearteyes:
:inlove:* :inlove: :smilehearts:
:o :o :gasp: :openmouth: :surprised:
:ohmy: :ohmy:
:astonished:* :astonished:
:bigsurprise: :bigsurprise:
:shock: :shock:
:peek: :peek: :tooscared: :lookaway:
:scream: :scream: :thescream: :horror: :thehorror:
:( :( :sad:
:frown: :frown: :frowning: :worried:
:anguish:* :anguish:
:anxious: :anxious:
:'( :'( :cry: :crying:
:uglycry: :uglycry: :cryingrivers
:plead: :plead: :pleading:
:nomouth:* :nomouth: :nowords:
:| :| :neutral: :okthen:
:/ :/ :sidemouth: :skeptical: :sceptical:
:eyebrow:* :eyebrow:
:eyeroll: :eyeroll:
:hmm: :hmm: :thinking:
:frustrated:* :frustrated: :frustrating: :confounded:
:x :x :zippermouth: :sealedlips:
:liar: :liar: :Pinocchio:
8B* 8B :geek: :nerd:
:monocle:* :monocle:
:unamused: :unamused:
:disappoint:* :disappoint: :disappointed:
>:| >:| :angry:
>:(* >:( :rage: :enraged:
#$! #$! :swear: :swearing: :cursing: :fiddlesticks:
:yawn: :yawn: :yawning: :tired:
zZz zZz :sleeping:
:sneeze:* :sneeze: :blownose
:sick: :sick: :fever:
:queasy:* :queasy: :nauseous:
:vomit: :vomit: :vomiting: :throwup: :hurl:
:bandaged:* :bandaged: :headwound:
:wave: :wave: :welcome: :hello:
:hug: :hug: :hugs: :hugging:
:love: :love: :heart:
:brokenheart:* :brokenheart:
:mendingheart:* :mendingheart:
:100: :100:
:peace:* :peace: :peacesign
:skull:* :skull: :crossbones:
:poo:* :poo:
:nuclearwaste:* :nuclearwaste:
:seenoevil:* :seenoevil:
:hearnoevil:* :hearnoevil:
:speaknoevil:* :speaknoevil:
:robot:* :robot:
:hackercat:* :hackercat:
:elf:* :elf:
:wizard:* :wizard:
:troll:* :troll:
:zombie:* :zombie: