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By Magnus
I will start collecting some useful tips for these forums here, and move them to the FAQ once I have that up and running.

I initially wrote this one in response to @DragonFlame, who reported losing a post she had typed up:

1. The editor saves your latest draft automatically, so if you lose something, start out by opening a new quick reply window. Your text might be there. But if you pressed submit I think it may have cleared it out.

2. The full editor has a draft saving function of its own for longer posts. You can always switch to it by pressing "Full Editor & Preview" once you've started writing (it will save what you've written so far).

3. Also, I've made a habit of pressing Ctrl-A then Ctrl-C every now again when writing online and my posts get long, particularly just before I press submit. o7

'someone who lost a lot of long posts'