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It does surprise me that they expect you to spend as much as a novel sometimes. But as far as a nascent book club goes, novellas are a good idea! I was wiped out after a party I went to on Friday, along with some other events this week, so I haven't had the time/energy to compose a list, but I will get on it as soon as I can.
I will look into a way to adding some kind of better organisational structure for the Book Blub forum, as things are already a bit tough to navigate with just one club and one book! So I'll be having a look at subforums and whatnot.

I hope someone starts a fantasy book club, too. :)
A bit late as always, but I agree that for a book club ... maybe not novellas alone, but certainly standalone stories are better than series outings, since with series you'll either be cutting the story short or else you'll excluding new arrivals once you're into the later episodes. Especially if the reading time spans a couple of months, which I think is a good thing rather than pressurising people into finishing a book in a week.

I've really enjoyed the current book we've done, so I'm looking forward to the next.
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