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By Magnus


Fantasy & Beyond is in pre-launch mode!

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If you are seeing this that means you have (probably) been invited to join by Bea or myself.

We will start inviting the old FF forum members at the start of the coming week, which will give us a chance to test the forums as well as start building up a memberlist and some content before we go fully public. o7

You may invite friends privately, but please do not post links to F&B publicly until we announce the full launch, which should be around a week from Monday if everything goes well!

Otherwise, please use the forums as if they were live! Post, PM, and poke around! If you find something weird or wonky, please let us know in the Questions & Suggestions forum, or send a PM to @Magnus. I am certain there are leftovers from the original light theme still around, so let me know if you find theme elements that look strange!
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