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By Magnus


We are now fully open to the public! :party:

While there is still some tinkering to be done to get the place fully in order, the forums are fully functional and in full spin, populated by a gathering of friendly folk from the now defunct Fantasy Faction forums. Today, we fully open our doors to all SFF book enthusiasts out there!

Welcome, and may your stay be long, fulfilling, and pleasant! :love:
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By Magnus
You can help us out by spreading the message in any communities you are a part of that may have SFF book readers (although please be respectful of any rules they have for ads and promotions).

You can also find us on Bluesky and Twitter! If you have an account, you can do us a great favour by liking and reposting our launch announcements!

Thank you all for joining us, and I look forward to building this community together with you all! :)