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By ScarletBea
Are we still the King's Paws or have we found another tavern? 8)

I'm so glad to have a "home" again, I missed you all!!
Today was a bit of a crazy day at work, I can't even pinpoint why, so writing that mail was my highlight haha

I'm making a bit batch of vegetable soup at the moment, I hope it'll make me feel better (yum!)
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It's so very good to see this place coming alive after all the hair I've torn out building it (several times over). One day, I might pen down the epic story of how this place came to be! :phew:

I definitely think it should be the King's Paws. Nothing wrong with a bit of nostalgia!
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By tebakutis
I have to say, I wasn't expecting to see an e-mail about a resurrected forum today and it's made my day. So nice to see familiar faces and an updated forum. I will do my best to pop on here more often than I have been.
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By ScarletBea
Honestly, guys, we've been preparing this forum since May last year, it took this long to get everything right :phew:
We started thinking seriously about a new one at the time when bots broke our likes, but the general break down was the kick that got us running haha
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By Hedin
I have picked my reading volume up recently (it's helped that my kids have started to find their own interests and we can all be in the same room and read together) and noticed that FF was dead. I'm glad that Magnus and Bea not only picked up the mantle but invited us all along.
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