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By DragonFlame
From @ultamentkiller
I watched Three Body Problem. I didn't realize we were going to get multiple seasons, so I thought we were going to resolve the conflict before the end. I'm glad we didn't.
I didn't realise either, so I am not going to see next series. Have cancelled Netflix because they are planning to make us pay quite a lot extra for no adverts and that is sneaky. So have gone to Disney for a change and found Loki. :D :D

So far it is pretty good, will see how The God of Mischief works out. ;)
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By cupiscent
Rewatching Deadloch because I'm on a panel discussing it at this coming weekend's Continuum convention here in Melbourne. :beaming: (Is it spec fic? Maybe not, but we're going to discuss it anyway because it's excellent!)