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By JMack
Some time back I found the monthly writing contest at Link to this month’s challenge at: ... -challenge

They allow up to 5,000 words, which is way better than the old 1,500 at F-F, though I loved loved loved that part of the F-F experience.

I’ve written maybe five or six times for the F-W contest in the last four-ish years and won twice. I doubt I’ll have time for the February challenge, but it is a neat one.
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By Carter
Having taken a quick look, I find myself interested. Depending on theme and whether I can get some creative juices flowing early enough in a month, I may give this a go.

(I will try and best not to explore my motives around this and whether it's a desire to once more come second to you in writing contests, @JMack, after our respective exploits in the old Fantasy Faction ones)
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